Offices of the EHB

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The various offices of the EHB ensure that study courses run smoothly:

Enrolment Office

The staff at the Enrolment Office advise prospective students on both application and admission procedures. They enrol admitted applicants, process re-registrations and certificates of enrolment as well as any notifications of change that have to be updated (change of name, change of address or other contact details).

Other services include processing fees and contributions, applications for leave of absence, notification of students in accordance with the Maternity Protection Act, exmatriculation, certificates for submission to pension insurance institutions as well as information for guest students and auditors.

Examinations Office

The staff at the Examinations Office will be happy to assist you with any and all questions you may have about examinations. Please note the office hours. The Examinations Office is not able to answer enquiries regarding examination results or individual grades by telephone or e-mail. You can access your examination results with logging in by clicking on the link button below.

Teaching Office

The Teaching Office is responsible for planning and allocating rooms for courses. The staff are the contacts for lecturers and students of the EHB.

Office of Practical Training - Internships

The team in the practical office provides support in all matters relating to the preparation and implementation of practical study components. We are the contacts for students, practical instructors, supervisors and teachers. We advise on the choice of practical placements, on a practical placement abroad and are always available to answer questions and deal with conflicts that may arise during the practical placement itself.


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