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EHB in numbers

Number of students

The following table gives an overview of the development of student numbers at Evangelische Hochschule Berlin.

Number of students

Study programsSoSe 2019WS 2019/20SoSe 2020WS 2020/21SoSe 2021WS 2021/22SoSe 2022WS 2022/23SoSe 2023WS 2023/24
Social Work (B.A.)848879872930927956939950933959
Childhood Education (B.A.)15010914811514610713399130123
Nursing Management (B.A.)36212014122----
Protestant Religious Education (B.A)*95**114**99**110**100**10362846383
Bachelor of Nursing (B.Sc.)115109102105968979776755
Midwifery (B.Sc.)13015714417817215014410398196
Protestant Religious and Community
Education (M.A.)
Health/Nursing - Vocational Pedagogics (M.A.)---12104134635669
Management - Education - Diversity (M.A.) 111159141153891338914594
Counselling in Social Work (M.A.)194022747396929692101
Social Work as a human rights profession (MSW)8712665111088

* since WS 2020/2021 name of study program: Protestant Religious Education & Diaconia (B.A.)

** incl. extra-occupational variant Protestant Religious Education

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