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Number of students

The following table gives an overview of the development of student numbers at Evangelische Hochschule Berlin.

Number of students

Study programsSoSe 2018WS 2018/19SoSe 2019WS 2019/20SoSe 2020WS 2020/21SoSe 2021
Social Work (B.A.)816880848879872930927
Childhood Education (B.A.)145109150109148115146
Nursing Management (B.A.)53393621201412
Protestant Religious Education (B.A)*91124**95**114**99**110**100**
Bachelor of Nursing (B.Sc.)11511911510910210596
Midwifery (B.Sc.)103138130157144178172
Protestant Religious and Community
Education (M.A.)
Health/Nursing - Vocational Pedagogics (M.A.)-----1210
Management - Education - Diversity (M.A.)172109 111159141153
Counselling in Social Work (M.A.)-201940227473
Social Work as a human rights profession (MSW)99871266

* since WS 2020/2021 name of study program: Protestant Religious Education & Diaconia (B.A.)

** incl. extra-occupational variant Protestant Religious Education

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